where am i?

I am currently living along the central coast of California.

Spending weekends exploring the Bay Area & beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

Working in the Salinas Valley agriculture scene.


podcast & books

I am finding great value in the following media:



I am enjoying learning more about minimalism and living a plant-based lifestyle. I have found a lot of inspiration from Rich Roll, Gretchen Rubin, and The Minimalist. 

Recently I linked up with a colleague to develop a corporate wellness program for our company, and in the process have found a renewed aspiration for living life in full.

I am on a wellness journey and have lost thirty pounds so far this year. My goal is to lose fifty pounds by the end of 2018. I know it is a challenge, but I recognize that any progress towards that marker will be beneficial to my health.


“The beginning is always NOW.” 
― Roy T. Bennett